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Welcome RVJHS students!  The entire staff and I look forward to working with you this coming year to make sure you learn more during this school year than you ever have. Just as importantly, we want you to have fun while you are learning.


River View Jr. High is a great place to attend school! We have a friendly staff that enjoys working with students, and you get to work with our staff in a really nice facility. While at the Jr. High, you will have many opportunities to do things you never could before.


I believe the following statement to be true: “Students will rise to the level of expectations that is placed upon them.” For that reason, we have high expectations. To meet those expectations you only need to do two things.  First, I will ask that you always do your best no matter what it is you are doing. If you genuinely give your best effort then no one can ask for more.  After that, I ask that when given a behavioral choice, always do the right thing. Each of us knows the difference between right and wrong. What happens to us depends on the choices we make as an individual. When you choose to do the right thing and give your best effort, good things happen.  No one can be perfect, but we can always give our best and do the right thing. The junior high will give you plenty of opportunities in that regard.


I look forward to getting to know you better. When you leave here next May, I hope that you have just experienced the best year of your educational career. Let’s have a great year!


Mr. Brad Baker, Principal

River View Junior High School